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What is Catastrophe X?

Catastrophe X is a turn based strategy game that is played inside the web browser. When playing, players can create accounts, battle other players, and earn ranking. The game is currently in heavy development by Aaron, and is changing very rapidly.

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What is this wiki?

This wiki is a collection of pages made by the Catastrophe X community to share information about the game. Originally intended to store, discuss, and revise craft deployment builds, the direction of the wiki is only limited by the contribution of the community.

Any proposed changes to the wiki should be posted to this wiki's forum. Any proposed changes to a specific page should be discussed in the individual page's talk page. Changes to Catastrophe X should be posted to the in game forum, this wiki's forums are not to be used as a replacement of the official forums. Wiki forum is used to discuss the wiki itself, and should be free of clutter and idle chats.

Heavy Construction

This wiki is brand new, and as such is under heavy contruction. Any contributors are welcome to add and change pages right away.

Recent Admin Changes

Here we will list the changes admins have made to the wiki in the last week.

03/29: Added the title image.

03/26: Added a page for the Tetrad and all four maps.

03/26: Created a Craft_Page_Formatting page.

03/25: Created wiki, edited front page, added new Admins Puresowns and KentLovesCows, created catagory:Crafts, edited page theme, created pages for many different crafts.

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